Introducing Healing Beacon Foundation

Healing Beacon Foundation was established to empower women and give them support through sustainable projects to relieve poverty in their communities. 

Our mission is to financially empower women to enhance economic growth within South Africa and beyond by providing entrepreneural  skills and mentorship leading to viable sustainable projects.  This will make countries become more stable by creating employment thereby reducing poverty.

We feel that If women are empowered, that frees men from the pressure to be the primary wage-earners.  One of the best ways to ensure that we live in a healthy, and sustainable world is to support women to ensure stability and food security.  


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 Email:  info@healingbeacon.org

Tel. No.: 087 510 2915

Cell. No.: 078 906 4295

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in use due to COVID19 lockdown therefore

use the cellphone number or our email as the main form of contact. 

Also be advised that the working time

response may be delayed due to the

COVD19 lockdown.


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264 Surrey Avenue, Randburg, Johannesburg South Africa

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Opportunities Available

There are many opportunities available to assist our beneficiaries. Women being the ones mostly and directly affected by family problems, they need our help.  Volunteer to participate in our various programs or donate to support our cause.

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