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Healing Beacon Foundation empowers disadvantaged youth, women and their  communities to relief poverty.


  • To create an environment that educates and inspires to combat the challenges of poverty
  • To promote community-based life skills training for youth, women and their communities.
  • To provide educational services that foster financial responsibility and accountability with the goal of helping people to build wealth and create economic opportunity for underserved individuals and communities.
  • To support individuals in identifying and exploring life choices and empowering them to attain their career goals through counselling, education, training and support.
  • To support the comprehensive needs of the community through collaboration and advocacy.
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The high rate of unemployment contributes to social tension and anguish among families.  During the same time here has been an increase in youth crime and gang involvement.  Concerned for our youth, Executive Director, Juliet Julius who has personal experience with the challenges families face, lead her to look for solutions and started Healing Beacon Foundation as a faith based non-profit.

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Our communities are presently dealing with very difficult situations especially the youth. With the high rate of unemployment, poverty, drug abuse, inequality and violence they are lost, they are hurting and they need our support.  They are looking for a place of healing, of hope for the future.

Will you join us in creating a healing beacon for our youth to revitalize our communities and build a support system for them.

We accept donations from anywhere in the world in the form of cash, vehicles and equipment.  We also accept sponsorship for various programs that we have lined up. Check out our donation page for more information or contact us to discuss further.  

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The rate of unemployment standing at a rate higher than 25% of the total population is considered very high. Problems associated with that state of inequalities of the rich and poor comprises a dissatisfied section of citizens who are getting angry and impatient a situation that is mainly causing strikes and violence.  The youth being the ones mostly affected they need a safe haven, a healing beacon as a supporting system.

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