Delivery Policy

In terms of our delivery policy, Healing Beacon Foundation undertakes to provide humanitarian assistance to disadvantaged communities in the form of projects or services in the South African townships to relieve poverty. Healing Beacon Foundation provides these services within specific timeframes, budget and targets.

Healing Beacon Foundation’s most important task is to first find out the needs of these communities and how best to provide for them.
• Firstly, Healing Beacon Foundation must determine what services it is providing, who is receiving it and what is the quality of the service thereof.
• Secondly, Healing Beacon Foundation will determine what services should be started, expanded or improved; are some areas in the community better than the others.
• Thirdly, then the priorities for starting, expanding or improving services must be decided.

Once it has been established which services are to be started, expanded or improved clear timeframes and targets must be developed in order to decide the best ways to reach our goals. Healing Beacon Foundation must also decide what resources – financial, equipment, and skills will be required to meet our goals.

It is possible that Healing Beacon Foundation may discover that we do not have sufficient resources and may decide that we will phase the provision of services or only provide it to a section of the community.
This delivery policy is hereby incorporated into and forms part of our agreement with you. You must read this policy together with our Terms and Conditions Policy.

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