Thank you for visiting this page. You can donate money in multiple ways. If you donate via EFT, please inform us via our contact page so we can trace your donation.



For both our local and foreign supporters, we created a PayPal account to make it easier to join us in our mission. Use the button below to access the PayPal donation page.

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Donations can be made in the following account:

Healing Beacon Foundation

FNB Randburg Square 

Branch Code: 250655

Account Number: 628 744 303 84



Funding for Healing Beacon Foundation’s activities and programs is obtained through private and corporate donations.

Your donations go directly to empowering disadvantaged women and their communities in South Africa and beyond to relieve poverty:

  • By providing Income-Generating Projects
  • The Building of Shelters, Schools and Rehabilitation Centres for Victims of Gender Violence and Abuse.


Your Donation For:

R375.00 Provides stationery for one student
R750.00 Provides 1 day of training for a group of students
R10000.00 Provides 2 laptops
R1500.00 Provides pesticides and farming accessories
R15,000.00 Plus Contribute towards buying Farming Equipment, Building Shelters, Schools and Rehabilitation Centres for the less privileged communities in South Africa and beyond.

Please consider becoming a member of Healing Beacon Foundation by making your EFT donation a recurring one. Monthly donations help us to have a stable income during the year and it gives us the opportunity to give you updates on what we do via the newsletter.



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