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Healing Beacon Empowering Single Mothers  

In South Africa many people go to bed hungry and it is usually the responsibility of women to make sure that their families are fed. Healing Beacon Foundation was established to empower disadvantaged women by teaching them life skills and assist them to open micro businesses in order to help support their families and not to depend on government welfare.

We aim to assist mostly women in townships and rural areas who are marginalised to open businesses and therefore employ other people in the community to end hunger and poverty.

Meet One Successful Catering Business Entrepreneur

Catering Business Entrepreneur

Healing Beacon Foundation has helped Mavis to change her life and become a successful entrepreneur in her own right. Not only is she managing to feed her family, she has transformed the lives of two other women who work for her and their families.

Mavis was selected to join our mentorship program and we helped her to take her business off the ground.

Healing Beacon Foundation aims to assist more women like Mavis by empowering them to be successful entrepreneurs and become independent. Among other programs that we intend to sponsor, we have a program in place that helps women harness their culinary talents and develop the business skills required to build their own sustainable catering businesses.

We need funding to help more women to end hunger and poverty in their communities.

Donate To Help Or Work.

You can donate any amount or according to your passion or heart’s desire.  Please contact us here for more information on how to donate.  We do not provide your information to anyone. For more information please read our privacy policy.  In all cases, your payment is secure and we do not see your purchase history or full credit card number.

You will receive a prompt acknowledgment and receipt.

Thank You and God Bless.

Juliet Julius
Founder & Executive Director

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