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Tree Planting
Tree Planting
Tree Planting


The aim of this project is to plant 50,000 trees in South Africa to help reduce carbon gases which has lead to global warming.  If this project is introduced in schools, this will make the schools good places of learning, especially environmental knowledge which is essential to youths. Tree planting can also be used for income generating projects for both youth, women and their communities.

The Challenge

Recent occurrence in global warming has given a great challenge to many countries around the world.  Prolonged dry seasons, water shortages on resources, and low food productions are the disturbing problems communities are facing today.

Deforestation of many green forests has given out soil erosion making the soil inactive to produce much from the farms.  Although many public schools receive most funds from the government, many schools are poor and do not have self-supporting projects.


Healing Beacon Foundation Tree Planting Project


The Solution

This project will assist:

  • To generate income to support poor children who cannot pay school fees and to create income-generating projects for women.
  • Reduce carbon gases to stop global warming
  • Will regulate rain season
  • Boost agricultural produce and
  • Revive the country’s economy.

>>>Contribute or partner with us in this project to ease deforestation and create jobs.<<<

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