About Healing Beacon Foundation

Healing Beacon Foundation is a non-profit organization established to empower and support women and the communities they live in to relieve poverty.

Healing Beacon was established in 2017 and since then we have embarked on various projects to uplift women.  We have assisted women  farming in the peripheral areas of Johannesburg through mentorship and skills development.  These beneficiaries have in turn managed to feed their families and sold some of the produce to nearby markets thereby creating employment and alleviating poverty in their communities.

We have also managed to assist some women to open catering businesses as recepients to our empowerment programs. 

At Healing Beacon Foundation we are looking forward to connecting with heroes who will step up and share the same vision with us to empower women in South Africa and beyond for a brighter future in order to alleviate poverty and help to ensure food security.

Juliet Julius
Founder & Executive Director


Please note that our main line won’t be in use due to COVID19 lockdown, therefore use our email as the main form of contact.  Also be advised that the working time response may be delayed due to the COVD19 lockdown.

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